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More Than Ever…
   It’s Black History Month

These days it’s usually rather easy to say, “Hey, it’s Black History Month.” It has been a part of our lives for many decades now, and we pretty much know what it’s about. This year, however, it’s safe to say that this Black History Month feels much “heavier” to a lot of folks – black and white alike – than in years past.

This year, February carries the burdening images of Tamir Rice and Michael Brown and Eric Garner and others as reminders that, indeed, there is more work to be done, more right and wrong to be taught and learned, more communication and understanding to be shared.

Here at Church in the Circle, we have made these needs a priority by involving ourselves in our city’s struggle to understand each other better. This month, several of our members attended the Greater Cleveland Congregations’ gathering at Olivet Baptist Church where this group offered recommendations for improving community understanding and relationships.

This Sunday, the 22nd, at 9:30am, a Community Speaks Forum sponsored by our MENS group features Steven Dettelbach, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, who will address the recent federal civil rights investigation into our city’s Division of Police.

Here at Church in the Circle, while we present music with African-American roots and composers throughout the year, our Chancel and Gospel Choirs celebrate this Black History Month by offering additional spirituals and gospel favorites, like “Jesus, You Are Welcome Here.” And the FullCircle combo and Liturgical Dancers are featured throughout the month. All this comes on the tails of celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday last month, with our congregation standing, hand in hand, to sing “We Shall Overcome” (click here to see video).

Here at Church in the Circle, we do these things, we take these steps not just because we can but because we should. When National Negro History Week was first observed in February, 1926, its founders, Carter Woodson and Jesse Moreland, might not have known how the nation’s observance of the struggles, achievements and contributions of the African-American community would evolve into Black History Month. Indeed, it’s been a long haul to arrive at this point in history.

Here at Church in the Circle, we know why this month spotlights the Black journey and honors its lessons. We know about and respect the painful progression toward mutual understanding and respect. We hear it every Sunday in the words of Jesus and in Dr. Chalker’s messages. We share it with others every Sunday and through the week. We live it as best we can – celebrate it as best we can, during Black History Month and every month. We do it because the awareness makes us better people. Join us this and every Sunday at the Church in the Circle. 


Neighborhood Basketball Resumes with New Schedule

Whether you play, help out or just want to know, our Neighborhood Basketball program, under the direction of Hassan Lee, is alive and well again in our indoor gym.

If you are interested in helping out or participating, please contact Heather in our church office (216-421-1200) for specific days and start-times.

It's nice to have the new scoreboard lit up once again! Maybe we'll see you there.